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We are dedicated to providing the easiest way to pay and collect rent online.

Every month, a considerable amount of energy is expended by renters pooling money and writing and sending checks. There’s an estimated 50 million paper checks used for rent monthly in the United States. Landlords and property managers, a few days later, must then sort through these checks to ensure timely and successful payments. RentShare saves both parties valuable time and resources, and we are committed to making the process easier all the time.

About Our Team

RentShare was born not so much so roommates could share rent, but so renters could pay the one thing they formerly couldn’t online - their rent. Founded by Ian Halpern, Chris Toppino, and Trevor Geise in 2010, RentShare is now one of the most established names in online rent payments with customers in all 50 states and offices in New York City, Atlanta, Nashville and Philadelphia.

About i3 Verticals

i3 Verticals is a payments technology company focused on modernizing business processes for select industries including property management and education. Processing over $4Billion in payments annually, i3 Verticals is a profitable, fully PCI compliant ISO registered with several U.S. banks including Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank. RentShare’s technology powers the company's property management arm.

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Reason #71

It’s the only check you still write.

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